Store now open for a limited time! Will close September 30, 2018.

Welcome to the 3HG Store!

✨ A store open for just one month selling just one thing! ✨

Testimonials from the Animals

Donghyun, Tiger Sauna Expert

Well-met, traveler! Allow me to confer wisdom onto you: These stickers will sooth your mind, your spirit, your soul! Plus, I give them out complimentary to all my valued customers. May your journey be full of more ups than downs.

Shapiro, Owl Barista

 Hoot hoot! My patrons are quite responsive to these stickers. Every time I serve a brew to a young cub, they always have a sketchbook covered in them! Hoot.

Al, Disgruntled Cow

 They asked me for a quote to use here. I tried to provide a genuine answer, but my boss yelled at me for being distracted on the job. I just wanted to enjoy these stickers in peace. I hate my job.